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What all goes into running a record label?

You might think running a record label might seem like a lot, and you'd be right. Where do we even start? Well, building a webite is a good a place to begin as any. Websites give the label a base for their customers to go and find out everything they need to know about the label, releases, gigs, videos, and most importantly a shop to sell their music. Usually those in charge of the label management start by locating and contacting music artists they are interested in dealing with by going online, visiting local live music venues or searching in music industry directories and on artist association and affiliation websites.

The next step is to draft contracts between the label and the artist. Record label contracts can be very complex and every situation is different. Contracts include terms concerning payment, sales royalty percentages, copyright ownership and licensing, among other things. Once the contracts are squared away, it's time to come up with a product plan. Usually hiring a graphic artist for packaging and online design, and contracting with a local recording studio to produce the recording. All this and more entails the beginnings of a record label, a lot of work indeed, but with a passionate enough team, the results speak for themselves. I'm sure we can all appreciate the music our favorite labels and artists put out for us.

Concert Photo Reel

Throughout the years, I have been to many different concerts and festivals. Most of which had incredible stage production and lighting. It's part of what has inspired me to pursue a career in the same field one day. The live music experience is a combination of the music itself, the lights and the production. When it all comes together, it creates a special kind of atmosphere for the audience to experience.

Below you will find a couple pictures of my favorite stage set ups. I still remember experiencing these concerts in person. They will always hold a place in my heart. Dancing with your friends under the neon lights can make anyone want to stay there forever. A snapshot alone isn't enough to show the size and scale of the full production, but it still captures a special moment in time.

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London based label run by Tony McGuinness, Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki

This Never Happened

Denver based label run by Daniel Goldstein

Ton Töpferei

Berlin based label run by Ben Böhmer

These three incredible labels have been pushing out tons of music over the last few years. They've signed some extremely talented artists who have since made a name for themselves. Anjunabeats was founded in 2000 by Above & Beyond, a British trio of experienced musicians. They also have another label titled Anjunadeep, which focuses more on the melodic side of the electronic music spectrum. Between the two labels and the hundreds of artists between them, it's no surprise why Above & Beyond is widely renowned across the world.

This Never Happened was founded by Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein) in 2016. The label and the live shows that come with it have become famous for more than just the music. If you were to attend one of these concerts, you will find that they ask you to tape your phone camera and not take any photos or videos during the show. This allows for a more organic experience between the artist and the audience, which is very rare to find these days. As someone who has personally been to many of these shows, I can say that it's well worth it.

Ton Töpferei was founded by German composer Ben Böhmer in 2016. This unique label focuses primarily on melodic techno and deep house. The music itself is different than most electronic music out there today. There is massive talent pouring out from both Ben himself, and his growing label. More amazing stuff is sure to come within the next few years as more artists are discovered and signed.

Concert Compilation Video

As I've mentioned before, live music is one of my biggest pastimes. I love how much energy the artists bring to the stage. Whether it's a rager, or an emotional journey, each concert tells a unique story. When the audience can let loose, be themselves and release their emotions in the crowd, it's a special feeling. I wanted to try and capture a bit of that feeling within this short video compilation.

The video starts out with a clip of Yotto, an Anjunabeats legend, at Cedarstreet Courtyard in Austin. Next we transition into a calmer set from 16 Bit Lolitas, from the same label. Then comes a more energy-fueled clip of Seven Lions playing at the Marc in San Marcos. The fourth video is none other than Lane 8 himself, who created This Never Happened. Lastly, we end with Luttrell, another Anjunabeats label star.

Label Data

Below you will find a data chart representing how many individual artists have been signed to each label over the years. Anjunabeats was founded way back in 2000, so they have been amassing quite the ensemble of artists. They are one of the biggest EDM labels out there, with over 500 artists under their belt today. This Never Happened and Ton Töpferei were both founded in 2016, so they're a bit smaller but have been steadilly growing since their debut. It's only a matter of time until they too reach the same level of prestige.

It's quite the process for an artist to be published, signed, and finally release music onto the label. Usually musicians will search for a music publisher to reach out to different labels in hopes of being signed. Once they find a right fit, it becomes a matter of choosing the right tracks from a load of demos that are submitted. Eventually the tracks are released through the label for all to enjoy. It's a lot of work, but worth it for all the amazing music audiences are gifted with in the end.

All data gathered and sourced from: https://labelsbase.net/

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